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  • Lisa Kissane

Why Should I Hire A Copywriter?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Hey there 👋

Copywriting is… language 💬 + psychology 🧠

Crisp clear words paired with the skill of understanding people, expertly rolled into copy that pulls you in.

Like the smell of freshly baked cookies.

Until you're invested enough to see what it's all about.

Copywriters grab your attention with words. That's what we’re good at. It's why I'm a copywriter.

The money you invest in your business with a web copy expert will result in a sleeker site which customers use with ease. They'll leave feeling informed and empowered, building a relationship with your brand until they're ready to make a transaction.

What can a copywriter do that you can't do yourself?

🕝 Write lots and edit well. We do this for a living so we have lots of practice. We know the importance of letting words soak before polishing them up to a mirror shine.

📈 Stay on top of marketing industry trends. SEO copywriters might offer keyword reviews or UX audits, giving you the tools to boost your rankings on Google.

👀 Identify long-tail keywords* to use on your website, blog, advertising or email campaigns to increase organic traffic to your site.

🌱 Using proven techniques and innovative thinking, the copy we produce threads together our expert knowledge and unique personalities. But more than that, we're humans who understand other humans. We'll help make the process of choosing you as easy as possible for your customer.

🎯 Ensure a consistent tone of voice which encourages loyalty to your brand, service and product.

Of course, you could learn to do this really well yourself, if you have time. It will take a while to get great, but there are lots of incredible courses to guide the way. I highly recommend The Creative Copywriter Academy which you can read about here.

What value will a copywriter bring to your business?

Sometimes hiring a freelancer is the best option because you're too close to your product or service and outside eyes can help refine the copy. We'll distill it to say everything necessary in as few words as possible.

You don't always have much time to grab people’s attention.

A copywriter will research and understand your target audience and what makes them tick. It will become our obsession and we'll craft words of siren song to entice your potential clients.

What will a copywriter not do?

I can't speak for others, but here are some tasks I’m not expert enough to do myself. But rest assured I can always point you towards the people who are as obsessed with these areas as I am with words:

🚫 Design - I craft with words, all my design work is done with the help of Canva.

🚫 Web development - I speak English but not code.

🚫 Implementation of your campaigns - I'll write the words, you do the admin.

So you understand why you need a copywriter. How do you find the right copywriter?

I'd recommend starting by having a look at their portfolio, for example this one. ⬅️ (Clue: It's mine)

More on how to find the perfect copywriter next time.

*Long-tail keywords are the more niche search terms most common when users are closest to making a purchase, meaning the best return on investment if you're spending money on advertising.

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