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Some snippets from a full website rewrite for a transformational life coach - including signature wellbeing programmes landing page.

GOAL: Showcase my client's years of experience in the counselling and coaching industry by creating clear and concise website copy.

OUTCOME: Reduced need for people to contact repeatedly for the same questions, freeing up time for more in-person and development work.


Tailored transformational life coaching, signature 1-1 programmes, workshops and retreats.


I’m a life coach specialising in personal development, mindset and emotional intelligence.


Personal training for your mind


Your brain is the most sophisticated processor in the world. 


Your nervous system is your operating software.


It controls your responses.


And sends instructions for how to react to the rest of the body.


But sometimes a virus gets in, or a file becomes corrupted. You're locked in unhelpful habits, thoughts and behaviours. 


Computer software is kept up-to-date to ensure optimal performance and protection. Your internal systems should be treated the same way. 


Your ancestors were fleeing cave lions and mammoths, so your brain is hard-wired to respond to perceived threats just as if they were sharp-toothed predators.


I’m here to help you work through whatever difficulties you may be facing in your life. 


I’ll help you rewire your brain and thought patterns to process your unique experiences of life. You’ll find positive, passionate ways to move away from where you are and towards the life you want to live.


Reboot the mind, upgrade the operating system and optimise the settings to reconnect with life once again.


First: find yourself.

Then: find a way forward.

Shining The Light is the first step in radical transformation. We’ll work on setting a clear intention and goal which is aligned to your personality and true to your unique nature.

We’ll shine the light on where you are now, your goals and where you want to be, removing the mental blocks standing in your way, leaving you motivated and feeling great. 

I’ll teach you simple, effective methods to address the conscious and unconscious mind. You’ll finish this programme knowing yourself better than you ever have before. Not only that, but knowing how to get to where you want to be.

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