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My website copywriting clients usually come to me with one of these problems.


Jump to the case studies to see how I helped solve each one:

"I don't know how to write about my services."

"I don't have time to learn copywriting."

"I have a unique service and want to raise awareness."

Profile photo of Lisa on the right wearing glasses, her hair is up and back from her face. Lisa is holding a small dog called Pan who is a shih tzu crossed with a toy poodle and his face is on the left. The image is ringed with a light green circle, then a dark green circle, in Silvertongue colours.

CASE STUDY #1: "I'm not a writer!"

THE PROBLEM: "I'm not a writer!"

A was referred to me by a previous client and I could feel the passion he had for his construction coaching business from our very first meeting.

He was struggling with his messaging and kept changing his mind about what he wanted to offer, always jumping to the next great idea and never sticking with one long enough to see it through to completion. 

He knew he was helping people, but couldn’t get specific about how he was doing it. Every new client had a slightly different experience, so he was always trying to evolve his offerings to match all the new information he was being given.

He told me: “I know how much my coaching helps people, I just don’t know how to say it.”

THE SOLUTION: Understand the service, but more importantly, the customer.

Here’s what I did:

👉 I asked A to fill in a detailed (but fun!) questionnaire about his business and personal motivations. I wanted to understand why he helps people, who he is as a person and what made him different to other coaches. I asked him to forget about the specifics for now, and just concentrate on why he’s so passionate about improving the lives of others.

👉 I explored how his services impacted his customers. I wanted to understand what the customer got from working with him. This included digging into A’s feedback to find out what satisfied customers said about the service once completed.


✅ Clear copy telling customers exactly what they get and why it’s worth it. 

✅ Copy that holds the customer’s hand, leading them on a smooth and easeful journey. The resulting website copy addresses the customer’s concerns before they arise, removing friction from the buying process.


“Your brain is the most sophisticated processor in the world. 

Your nervous system is your operating software.

It controls your responses.

And sends instructions for how to react to the rest of the body.

But sometimes a virus gets in, or a file becomes corrupted. You're locked in unhelpful habits, thoughts and behaviours. 

Computer software is kept up-to-date to ensure optimal performance and protection. Your internal systems should be treated the same way.”

“We understand how intimidating and overwhelming it can feel to self-manage a home improvement project. 

The construction industry’s difficult reputation is no secret. Working with tradespeople can evoke feelings of anxiety and insecurity, with many projects abandoned before they even get started.  


We’ll be here to offer support, advice and the traditional ‘consultancy’ role to ensure the smooth running of your project.”

Testimonial reads: Lisa really knows her copywriting stuff.   It’s extremely important to me that my marketing is authentic to reflect my personal ethics, and not full of the usual ‘tricks of the trade’ used to pull people in.   Lisa has been worth her weight in gold for her advice and guidance.

CASE STUDY #2: "I don't have time"

THE PROBLEM: "I don't have the time (or motivation) to learn copywriting."

B came to me looking for someone to help sell her therapeutic services via her website, which she’d built herself a few years before. She enjoyed writing, but didn’t love the idea of selling.


B recognised the value of making sure her service offerings were clear and compelling, but didn’t have the time or the motivation to learn copywriting on top of everything else she was doing to manage her business. She didn’t want to fall out of love with writing, or feel like she was selling her soul for a sale.

She told me: “I know I need to be more persuasive so customers will buy from me, but I don’t have time to learn how to do it without feeling like I’m manipulating people.”

THE SOLUTION: Understand B’s tone of voice and use this to write compelling sales pages which led to more people buying her services.

Here’s what I did:

👉 Dived deep into B’s existing resources, gathering all her existing writing and content and using this to understand her tone of voice. I needed to ensure I was writing in B’s voice, but with the added impact of writing for sales. 

👉 Made sure I completely understood her service offerings and how they benefited her clients, analysing her course materials and customer feedback.


✅ Copy that sounds like B, with more focus on encouraging people to work with her based on how her service offerings can improve their lives.

✅ Sales pages that sit confidently alongside her existing blog and course content, with the purpose of encouraging readers to use her services when they feel ready to take the next step in their self-development.


“Is this a good fit for me? 

Please read the below with gentle kindness for yourself – perhaps they sound familiar.

  • Your physical or mental wellbeing has been affected by infertility and/or childlessness.

  • You’re looking for a way to proactively care for yourself, but not sure where or how to start.

  • You desire the safety of learning and practising in an environment designed to hold and protect your unique experiences.

  • You’ve found mainstream yoga spaces triggering or difficult due to a lack of understanding and awareness of your situation.”


“Using cognitive reframing techniques, I'll help you feel satisfied, confident and inspired. You’ll be reignited to jump into your life with both feet, excited at all that’s yet to come.

You’re a smart, successful woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t have the time (or patience) to keep trying things that might not change anything. 

During our sessions, I’ll guide you through proven techniques to propel you forward without fear, changing the way your brain perceives your own life and identity.

Forget all the things you “should” be doing. Sure, yoga and meditation are great but they’re small pieces of the puzzle that is your beautiful brain. I’ll help you tap into the areas that will flip the switch and enable you to connect to your intuition, feelings and body. 

I have just one question for you: 

What if it works?”

Testimonial reads: You made such well-rounded efforts to get to know me and my business in the making.   Collaboration with you felt natural and free from power struggle, as you were very open to my critiques and ideas.   You were able to give what I wanted to convey more flow, making it significantly more palatable than I was able to on my own. Thank you!

CASE STUDY #3: Representation

THE PROBLEM: "I want to help people understand my unique life experiences, and feel seen in theirs."

When I was 35 years old, I was told I’d never have kids. I spiralled into grief and it was only upon finding a community of others who felt the same that I began to heal and process this huge life event. I’ve always been someone who reads to escape and to relax, and following the difficulty of my diagnosis, I found myself becoming hyper-aware of tropes in literature around women who were unable to have children - we were portrayed as miserable spinsters and bitter cat-ladies. It hurt to keep reading these painful stories of what my life might look like and when I began speaking up about it in my community, I realised I wasn’t the only one feeling this pain.


I created a sub-community of readers looking for representation in the stories they’d once found so comforting, and coming up short. I actively searched for stories which showed us as the beautiful, whole human beings I knew us to be. 


I created The NoMo Book Club, where I’d find and review books featuring childless people, making other readers aware of any damaging tropes or, even better, novels where we were represented in a positive way.


I said to myself: “I need a website to showcase these stories, but I’ve only ever written book reviews!”

THE SOLUTION: Teach myself to build a website and write copy to help people navigate the site and find what they were desperately looking for.

Here’s what I did:

👉 Watched a ton of videos about building a website from scratch!

👉 Took a course in copywriting, and fell in love with the process of taking information and making it clear, concise and compelling.


✅ My very first website (in 2020) and a community of over 1000 people wanting to read more stories that positively represented their way of life - a life without children.

✅ A deep and glorious passion for writing web pages (who knew!) and a dream to one day make this my career, which has since come true.


"The NoMo Book Club is a virtual space in which we highlight and celebrate books with childless characters.

Here’s a place where you can find book recommendations tailored towards childless-not-by-choice men and women.

 Sign up to the newsletter or follow me on Instagram and Facebook to be the first to hear about each new monthly book pick—a carefully selected book which I’ll review in advance so readers can be aware of triggers before deciding whether to read."

"Flow is a space to connect with other professionals based on shared values and relatable experiences.

We focus on your business needs and creating a professional life that works for you, alongside others who feel the same.

At Flow, no-one’s going to ask if you have kids. Conversations won’t turn to the shared experience of parenting. You can rest assured that business meet-ups won’t slow to a crawl during school holidays.


Whatever your reason for not having kids, you’re welcome here."

Testimonial reads: I felt really understood by Lisa, she got what I was after and was able to capture my use of language in the work she delivered.  Lisa worked with empathy in writing improved copy for my unique offering and she produced clearly written and easily understandable copy updates.
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