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Ah, hello, friend 👋


So you want to know more about me, huh?


First, there’s some stuff you should know which has lost me a few followers on social media…


  • I’m childless not by choice, which means I wanted to have children but didn’t (that’s a story for another time but if you’d like to know more, please do get in touch)

  • I’m also a stepmother (“she’s EVIL!”)

  • I menstruate and I talk about it

  • I’m menopausal, and I talk about that, too


Still here after those mind-blowing revelations? 


Then settle in, darlings, let me tell you a story.


Working in traditional employment never suited me. I worked as an administrator, account manager, social worker, teacher and pretty much everything in-between. 


I tried employment for nearly 20 years, but eventually the anxiety of having to be visible and available for 8hrs every day got too much. I felt chained to my desk; think Jacob Marley (or The Marley Brothers if you’re more partial to a Muppets re-telling). It was exhausting.


What triggered my move from corporate cog to sexy solo business owner, you ask?


My fucking dad died.


It was completely unexpected and shattered my soul into teeny tiny pieces. I spent the next two years hating my job (and therefore, a large chunk of my life) more and more. And then some more.


Until, eventually, I broke.


It wasn’t as dramatic as that, honestly. But like most decisions in my life, I persevered and persevered until I couldn’t anymore.


I needed to work for myself. It was a visceral need that left me ugly crying daily, desperate to get out from under the corporate thumb. 


My mental health has never been what anyone would classify as ‘good’ and the grief of dad dying brought it all bubbling up to the surface.


I’d been learning about copywriting on the sly for a while by then, so, armed with a bunch of new skills and a dream of finally being in control of my own life, I waved goodbye to my safe, secure job and threw myself into freelancing full time.


I wrote websites for friends, and friends of friends, and I improved. 


I’ll never stop improving - as a copywriter, and as a human being.


Throughout my life, I’ve had therapies, practised mindfulness and learned (slowly, oh so slowly) to listen to my body. Some of these attempts left me flat on my face, but the others changed my life.


No, really.


Wellbeing practices are the single most important thing I’ve ever done for my mental health and I’ll keep telling people about it until every damn person I know hears me. 


So as a copywriter and strategist, I decided to work with wellbeing people. You amazing creatures who channel your heart and soul into helping people like me. You support people in their darkest moments, giving them the tools to find their light again. 


I’m so grateful for you, and everything you do.


Since going freelance, my mental health has been…better. More manageable, at the very least. I’m not ‘cured’ and I accept things like intrusive thoughts as a necessary part of life (thanks, amygdala). But I’m thriving in a way I never have before.


I have people like you to thank for that.


Working alongside wellbeing professionals has brought me so much joy. 


How could I ever do anything else?

Profile photo of Lisa on the right wearing glasses, her hair is up and back from her face. Lisa is holding a small dog called Pan who is a shih tzu crossed with a toy poodle and his face is on the left. The image is ringed with a light green circle, then a dark green circle, in Silvertongue colours.

Who's Pan and why is he here?

Pan is a shih tzu crossed with a toy poodle who came into my life in October 2021, two months after my dad died unexpectedly. 

We got him at 8 weeks when he could fit in the palm of my husband's hand, and he continues to bring joy and light into my life each and every day. 

He's my hero, best mate and business partner. Some of my most productive meetings have been just the two of us. He's a great listener. 

If you resonate with this I urge you to read Kate Spicer's novel, Lost Dog, which is bloody wonderful. 

Lisa is taking a selfie, she's smiling and wearing glasses and over-ear headphones. Pan (the dog) is on her right and looking up at Lisa with love in his eyes
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