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Are you indirectly repelling introverted clients?

Updated: Jun 5

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Your website is great - so what's the problem?

You've got your website, the visuals are stunning and the copy sparkles in your own unique tone of voice.

The site developer has done a brilliant job of making the site familiar, yet bold. It's intuitive and the feedback is excellent.

Maybe you've even had a user experience or SEO expert look over the site to maximise efficiency.

Your social media game is strong and visitors are flocking to your site to sign up to your newsletter.

But your calendar still feels…light. Not so many visitors are following up by booking a call, and you're not sure how to reach them.

Try looking over your site again, but with an introvert perspective.

Your site through an introvert’s eyes

You're a successful, experienced practitioner in your field. You know the work you do helps people, and most of your work comes from word of mouth referrals. There’s an active stream of bookings - people are seeking you out to work with you, based on positive reviews and testimonials.

Your opportunities are likely coming from extroverts, especially if they're coming through on the phone 📞

Think about the people who aren't as likely to make an off-the-cuff phone call. Like me, shudder.

Are you offering them a way to contact you that's as easy and responsive as a phone call?

I see so many wellbeing professionals with fantastic websites missing this one crucial element.

Making your website user friendly for all personality types

I look at wellbeing websites every day. It’s literally all I do (lol, not really).

For the most part, they follow a pretty reliable format (this is a good thing - here’s a post with a section on Website Architecture which explains why).

To pass the first test of useability, your website should clearly show:

✅️ Some information about who you are

✅️ Details about your services

✅️ How to contact you

✅️ Menu at the top, social links at the bottom*

Why? Because familiarity wins at this point in the process. Someone browsing your site for the first time is working on intuition - don’t lose them before they’re even through the door. They’ve probably browsed thousands of websites in their life and know how they should behave (even if they don’t realise it).

I don’t speak for all introverts, but I can pretty confidently say this. Introverts do not want to:

🙈 Jump on a discovery call

🙈 Speak to you on the phone

They do want to:

🐵 Send you a written message

🐵 Research heavily before committing to a face-to-face

Now, wellbeing professionals are often extroverts who love being around people, it’s part of the job. But don’t let that trick you into unintentionally scaring off the people who are wired differently.

A little more about my own experiences

I can say with absolute confidence that if I’m looking for someone to help me with my wellbeing, I won’t approach anyone until I’m ready. I'll research a lot, send a message and process things at my own pace.

Video calls are a necessary part of freelancing and have an important role to play - it helps me get to know who I'm working with and captures ideas that simply wouldn't come up in writing.

But that's my professional side - I do it because I'm committed to getting it right for my clients. My personal side, however, will run a mile from this.

I've had many therapeutic interventions through my life and the ones I liked best (and returned to) were the ones who accepted me as I am - not someone likely to pick up the phone ‘off the cuff’ 🤮

How to make your website more introvert-friendly

Here’s a couple of quick changes you could make to ensure everyone who visits your site has the same chance of approaching you for a follow up:

✨ Add a contact form, email address, or other method of speaking to you in writing

✨ Use video content to showcase your personality

✨ Ask for feedback - a survey link on your page or newsletter is a great place to start

✨ Use social icons to link to your most active platforms (not all 57 available options!) - make sure it’s at the bottom of your page or in the footer as that’s where people are looking for them

If you’re ready to invest in your online presence, check out my auditing service here. I’ll help you figure out exactly where to focus your energy online 💚

A graphic with a map icon and the text 'Digital Roadmapping for your Wellbeing Business - Audit and Consultancy Services'

*Side note about social links - these are great. Use them! Don't just hide them away in one place on your site, sprinkle them about

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