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What are you already doing online?

What's working?

What isn't?

The Silvertongue Roadmap Audit looks at your current online flow to analyse how customers are finding you, and what they get when they do.

I'll follow your client's online journey, reporting back on how you can improve your user's experience and speak to a wider audience (with a particular focus on the words you use).

Best for Service-Based Professionals who:

  • Created a beautiful process, then added a bit…and a bit more. Now you want to make sure your messaging still hits the spot

  • Use too many platforms and want to streamline your efforts

  • Want to hand over the written elements of your digital presence, but aren't sure where to start

  • Feel too close to your brand and want an outside view to help decide what to work on and when

  • Have input from multiple creatives (possibly over time) and want to make sure your user's journey is as smooth as possible


Check out my recent blog post for more on how the roadmapping audit could help your service-based business.



The audit will review:

  • Website copy and flow (up to three pages).

  • Usability analysis, including existing resources (e.g. quizzes)

  • Newsletter sign-up flow and introductory messages

  • Overview of recent activity on two social media platforms

  • Your perfect client profile 

  • Overall messaging and marketing communications, with a specific focus on the words 


I'll wrap up with a detailed report, making short- and long-term suggestions to maximise your time and efforts.


From there, you can choose to work with me, another copywriter, or jump back in yourself to implement the recommended changes 

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