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The NoMo Book Club Website Logo - A black and white image of books on a glass ceiling, with a dark blue circle in the middle and the business name

The NoMo Book Club is a thriving online community for readers looking for books not concluded with a miracle baby - among other things! I founded the book club in 2020 and handed over the reigns in 2021 to the fabulous Rosalyn. The community now boasts a following of over 1k on Instagram. The website isn't live anymore, but check out the Instagram page here.

You can view The NoMo Book Club's website using the Wayback Machine here.

GOAL: Create a community for childless women like me to enjoy reading again

OUTCOME: Open rate average of 60% on monthly newsletter, growing community of 1k+

I found out 6 months after my wedding that I'd never have kids. 


Cue a long period of sadness, despair and loss. It was tough. But something beautiful happened.


I started reviewing books online, then writing articles and eventually creating my first website for The NoMo Book Club

This was me in 2020 👆


The Project: To become a resource for childless women to find their own stories in literature. To bring people together.


The Work: I built the website from scratch using WordPress and Canva. I went through tutorials online and came up with something I was pretty proud of. Used Instagram to connect with people. Mailchimp to send out a newsletter which had an open rate of 60% on average.  

Lisa reading the book The Long Earth by Tery Pratchett and Stephen Baxter

My reviews on Amazon and Goodreads were read by thousands of people and led to my becoming a Vine Trusted Reviewer in 2019.


I also wrote about the book club for World Childless Week in 2020. You can read the article here, along with the many other superb submissions.


An article I wrote was published in the US magazine Oh Reader - images below or read the transcript here.


And I spoke about the book club on this episode of The Full Stop Podcast hosted by the wonderful Berenice, Sarah and Michael.


Update March 2023: The NoMo Book Club is now an Instagram community which is thriving thanks to the new host. Thank you, Rosalyn, for how you picked this up and ran with it when I was in crisis, even though we barely knew each other! And thanks to everyone who made the book club so special 💙 

Screenshot from the NoMo Book Club website - how it works page
Screenshot from the NoMo Book Club website - how it works page 2
Screenshot from the NoMo Book Club website - how it works page 3
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